Trance Formed Body
Control your weight, size and shape with self-hypnosis

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Trance Formed Body Book Cover

Guarantee: You Have NEVER Read a Weight Loss Hypnosis Book Like This!

Win the Mental Game of Weight Control Through Trance

Win the mental game of weight control by making changes in your beliefs and emotions at the subconscious level where your weight, size, and shape are ultimately controlled. How? Through hypnotic trance.

Trance is the easiest way to open a communications portal to your subconscious mind. In this book you will read the hypnosis scripts to go into trance, make the critical changes, and then read yourself out again.

Read yourself into trance and take control:

  • Change your body image from what you’ve got to what you want.
  • Use the “fix or ditch strategy” to stop adding stress-caused belly fat.
  • Force the right eating choices by strengthening motivators into attitudes.
  • Replace beliefs that keep you overweight with beliefs that make you thin.
  • Redirect the power of your fear center to end self-sabotaging behavior.

Written like a novel, this unusual book tells the story of two couples working with a hypnotherapist to learn how to use self-hypnosis to trance-form their bodies. You can simply read along and go into trance with them to learn how to use self-hypnosis to get the body you want.

Except for author Dr. Robert DeGroot, the characters are fictional and represent the questions and experiences of many people.

The trance inductions and other hypnosis processes are real and will be wonderfully effective in helping you reach your weight, size, and shape goals.

And now ...

What does your optimal weight look like? Close your eyes for just a moment and visualize that image. Does that image appear immediately and in detail? If not, then your first challenge is to clarify your vision of what you want the subconscious mind to create for you and that’s not a number.

Your subconscious mind operates on pictures, imagery, symbols, and emotions. It is maintaining your current body because that’s the last image it has of you. You must embed a new picture of the size and shape body you want into your subconscious mind so it knows what to build and maintain for you.

Can you shut down the production of stress chemicals that cause belly fat?

When the stress response process is evoked, your body produces a frightening number of caustic chemicals to induce the fight, flight, or freeze reaction. An insulin spike turns calories to fat and a cortisol spike puts it on your belly. There are five levels of coping strategies that can be used to minimize these effects.

What motivates you to want to control your weight? Are these motives strong enough to help you achieve and maintain your goal?”

Your motivators operate at the subconscious level, some are hidden. They need to be identified and strengthened into automatically operating attitudes that guide and direct you to make the right choices.

Do you believe you have to clean your plate, or that fat protects you, or that food provides comfort for unsettling emotions? Are these types of beliefs blocking and sabotaging your efforts?

You have certain core beliefs operating at the subconscious level that work to support the body you have now and obstruct your efforts to get the body you want. These once useful but now obsolete beliefs must be identified and modified into beliefs that will support your efforts.

Are you afraid of offending someone by turning down food they offer, going hungry, or giving up your body armor? Do you want to make changes in your eating habits or lifestyle but just can’t seem to do it?

You have two biological structures (amygdalae) in your brain that among other things, serve as your “fear center” to help you survive. Your fear center makes implementing any change incredibly difficult.  It operates by viewing change as a threat to your survival. You must learn to harness the power of your fear center and you must retrain it to support you or it will work hard to prevent the changes that must take place.

Have you wished you had the boost in courage, self-control and discipline to stay on track?

Everyone has these and many more internal resources. But if you’re struggling with your weight, size and shape these resources must be singled out, powered up, and made a part of your lifestyle so that you can easily maintain the body you want.

The characters and conversations are fictional. They are designed to answer common questions about hypnosis, address issues with weight control, and to keep you engaged while you learn how to use self-hypnosis to achieve your own weight, size, and shape goals.

The information about weight control psychology, hypnosis, trance inductions, deepening techniques, and trance work are real and wonderfully effective when completed according to the instructions given. Further, to enhance your feelings of comfort with hypnosis, you’ll do it all with your eyes open using time tested self-hypnosis techniques.

You can add, modify, or delete the suggestions in this book to better meet your specific needs. In fact, in some of the hypnosis scripts you’ll read, there are fill in the blanks templates designed for you to personalize the suggestions to increase their effectiveness with you.

Thank you for purchasing this book to facilitate your journey into your subconscious mind using well tested self-hypnosis techniques to help you get and keep the body you want.

Bob DeGroot

Robert "Bob" DeGroot, M.Ed., DCH


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